Rasha M Shihabi

Rasha Started her journey with Pranic healing in 2011, seeking inner peace & seeking a healing refuge from inner negative thoughts, not knowing that it will change the entire course of her life.

She is a certified pranic healer, and instructor for Basic, Advanced and Pranic Psychotherapy. She started practicing as a professional healer in 2013 and started teaching in 2014, teaching Pranic healing in Jordan, Kuwait, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Graduated as an Electrical Engineer, worked with multiple organizations, started as an optimization Engineer in the field of telecommunications , then moved to working in the field of medical equipment, since the year 2009 until 2016, until she moved completely to become a fulltime pranic healer and a pranic healing instructor.

Rasha is also a certified yoga alliance teacher, she teaches Yin Yoga & Hatha kundalini Yoga, and merges the knowledge of the energy body & the Chinese meridians theory into her yoga Practice.

studied Project management, and lead multiple projects, on the integration of AI, medical sensory devices & human consciousness. She also led and worked with multiple teams in the field of Translation.

She also enjoyed working in event planning & management, and successfully enjoys organizing local & international trips.

She has always been passionate about writing, producing videos , music production, art, has her blog & YouTube channel.

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